Book Week

11th March 2019
Book Week
Book Week is the week beginning 11th March. There are a number of activities happening, so here is an outline of what is going on each day with information about anything you need to do or bring. If you have any questions, please do ask!
Monday 11th March – all children come to school dressed as a character from a book (not a film!). Can they also please bring the book with them to school that day. We will have a whole school assembly at 9.15 am where all the children can show us who they have dressed as. Parents and grandparents are invited to stay for the assembly. We have re-scheduled this from the original date planned to enable us to fit in the other events of the week and allow as many members of staff as possible to attend. Please can Class 1 also bring their Forest School clothes for the afternoon.
Tuesday 12th March - there will be a whole school visit to Wallington with a book theme! Children will visit the house and learn about the people who lived and worked there, and collect pictures and materials to make a class story book. This is a whole day visit, so we hope that Nursery children who would normally be collected at lunchtime will be able to attend all day and be collected at 3.15 pm.
Wednesday 13th March – whole school art activity. Children will work in mixed age groups to create a large display on the theme of Traditional Tales which will be hung on the board in the hall.
Thursday 14th March – there will be a special assembly where we will be looking at the books and book marks the children have made and awarding prizes. This is a voluntary competition for children in Year 1 – Year 4 who want to make their own books at home. Reception and Nursery will be making book marks. Please make sure the children send their entries in on Monday morning at the latest.
Friday 15th March Whole School trip (Reception to Year 4) to Hexham to visit Cogito Books and Hexham Library. Children will be able to spend their World Book Day vouchers and prize winning book tokens. Can Class 2 please bring library tickets if they have them, and they can choose books while we are in there. We will get the bus there and back and return to school in time for lunch