Welcome to Nursery

We admit children into our Nursery the term after their third birthday. Nursery children are taught in an Early Years unit with Reception children, which really helps to develop their language, social skills and independence. However, they still have their own Nursery programme tailored to their needs and maturity, which is planned by a trained Early Years teacher.

Nursery runs for four full days, Mondays to Thursdays. We offer up to 30 funded hours, which can be taken between 8:00 and 15:30. We offer an early session, between 8:00 and 9:00, where children can have breakfast if they wish, for a small charge. We also offer a morning session (9:00 - 12:00, or 13:00 if having lunch), an afternoon session (13:00 -15:15/15:30) or a whole day session (9:00 - 15:15/15:30). In addition to our funded provision of early education, an additional hour of childcare can be taken from 15:30 - 16:30 at the cost of £5.00 for the hour. 

Nursery benefit from a varied and exciting curriculum. In the mornings they spend some time working in their Nursery group on early literacy and mathematics skills, as well as having time to choose their own activities. In the afternoons, they experience fun, topic-based activities with Reception, as well as having free choice time, outdoor time and lots of stories too. Personal, social and emotional development, communication and language skills and physical development are key areas of learning for young children, and our Nursery children benefit from specific P.E. sessions and focused circle time sessions each week to help develop these skills.

Our Nursery is spacious, bright and well equipped, with an outside covered area that we use all year round. We also have access to a variety of outdoor spaces, including a garden area and access to our very own woodland area within the school grounds, that we access on a regular basis, most notably during our exciting 'Forest School' sessions! 

We use a private online learning journal called 'Tapestry' to share all of the exciting activities the children experience during their time with us with loved ones at home. This allows families to feel part of their child's learning journey, in order to celebrate and support their achievements and experiences every step of the way. Tapestry also allows families to share their own photographs, videos and messages relating to adventures outside of school, helping to support the special partnership between home and school.

Please take a look at the 'Gallery' section of the website to see a snapshot of some of our adventures!

Parents are welcome to come and look around the Nursery for a visit prior to admission. Please contact the school office to arrange a time.