Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Decodable Readers

Children are taught reading initially by means of a mixture of phonics and word recognition, and progress through a structured reading programme until they are able to read fluently and independently for their own instruction and enjoyment. Guided Reading activities also take place daily and these are based around developing the children's skills in inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval, summarising and vocabulary identification.

Phonics is taught through the DFE approved programme devised by Twinkl from Reception to the end of Year 2, which helps children to build up words using their constituent sounds, and also helps them with recognising spelling patterns. Twinkl Spelling and Grammar materials which build on the Phonics programme are also used in Years 3 & 4.

We use reading Twinkl reading scheme books and the children read decodable books which contain sounds  they have met previously in their phonics lessons. 

We also have a wide range of picture books, fiction and non-fiction from well known children's authors in each classroom in order to give children the opportunity to develop their own tastes in reading.

Children take home a daily Reading record, and parents are strongly encouraged to hear them read and talk about their books daily. The records are used as a means of communication between home and school so that parents and teachers can work together to help the children learn.

Beyond Early Reading 

Those children who have developed enough confidence and independence in their reading may begin to access books levelled according to a standardiser 'Hodder' Score. Each child will carry out a specific reading assessment in order to determine their individualised score; we then use the score to match the children with an appropriate text. We find that by following this system, our children become confident, enthusiastic successful readers. Children at Whitley Chapel C of E First School have a passion for reading which is evident in many subjects across the curriculum