Welcome back!

2nd September 2020
Welcome back to the new School Year! It is a little bit different from last year as we are having to stop some of our normal activities. Sadly there will be no After School clubs for the time being as teachers are having to spend time at the end of the day doing extra cleaning in their classrooms to help keep everyone safe. As soon as we think we will be able to do so safely, we will start up Sports clubs again, but we will let everyone know in good time. We are so lucky to have such small class sizes, as it means that daily life in class will need to change very little, apart from limiting some of the play equipment and children having to have their own pens and pencils. Class 2 will have their desks in rows to minimise infection between pupils when in class. We are asking you to be very grown up and sensible, and we are sure you will rise to the challenge! 
Early Years and Class 1 have had all our carpets and cuddly toys put away for the time being, and we are trying not to share toys too much so as to keep them hygienic. But we still hope everyone can have lots of fun, and we are looking forward to welcoming some new pupils to school who we haven't met before. We hope everyone will have a really great term!