School Webshop

We have two webshops which are helping to generate funds for us here at Whitley Chapel C. E. First School .

Help us raise money when shopping online, you don’t pay anything extra but you help raise funds for us.


When shopping online, you can access 100’s of leading retailers - such as Tesco, Thorntons, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis - using our webshops. Every time you use our webshops to go to a retailer’s web site and subsequently buy something, you will automatically earn money for us!

You don’t pay anything extra by using our webshops, so please try them.

Since establishing our webshop:

We have generated almost £743.00 with very minimal effort but with more people using this shop we could easily raise several hundreds if not thousands of pounds each year. We have also set up a new shop:  which has already earned us £170.00.

Why are we using two different webshops?

There are two reasons for this, the first is that a greater number of retailers can be accessed using the two shops. You may find that your favorite retailer does not appear on easyfundraising but does feature at or vice versa. Secondly the rate of commission can vary significantly between the two shops and we would ask that you use the webshop which gives us the higher commission. Marks and Spencer currently advertise 2.5% commission at easyfundraising and a massive 5% at spendandraise but the rates of commission can vary and retailers will from time to time offer higher rates for limited periods.

Easy ways to raise funds

Some companies offer free funds for simply filling in a questionnaire or accepting a free trial of their product. Broadband providers are especially keen to gain new business with as much as £60.00 being given for each new customer, financial institutions are equally keen for new business with large donations being made when applications for credit cards and insurance policies are accepted. Generous donations are also made by ebay who offer £4.00 when a first bid is placed using a new registration made via easyfundraising. Snapfish who are an online digital photo processing company are also very generous and will give £5.00 to our school and give 20 free prints to you if you register via spendandraise then place an order. Take a look also at the “special offers” on easyfundraising, there are often promotional codes offering discounts exclusive to easyfundraising customers.


Do you know another charity or good cause who could benefit from easyfundraising?


Through the referral scheme, you can raise extra funds for us while also supporting another cause. By Whitley Chapel C.E. First School introducing easyfundraising to another charity, group or good cause easyfundraising will pay us a 'lifetime' revenue share of 20% of whatever they raise, for as long as they use easyfundraising. Don’t worry – this will not affect their fundraising total as the extra funds are paid by easyfundraising so both will benefit. There is no limit to the number of new groups we can refer and to introduce a new group all we ask is that they use our referral link when they sign-up: