Our Ethiopian visitors

25th November 2019
We had a fantastic visit from some Ethiopian teachers as part of our Connecting Classrooms project. We are doing this through the British Council along with 5 other schools in Hexham - QEHS, Hexham Middle School, St Joseph's Middle School, Corbridge Middle School and Chollerton First School. 
Whitley Chapel has been paired with a school called 'My Little Angels School' in Addis Ababa. Their Director, Ruthie, brought us some lovely gifts from Ethiopia, and all six teachers enjoyed their visit to our school very much. They observed some lessons in the first part of the morning, then they came back to the classes and the children asked them some questions. We found out lots of really interesting information about Ethiopia and what life is like there. They finished their visit with a delicious lunch cooked by Linda. The other 5 teachers thought Ruthie had been paired with a lovely school!