Healthy Lifestyles Week

19th October 2017
Healthy Lifestyles Week: We have had a variety of fun, challenging and nutritious activities at school this week, all on the theme of healthy lifestyles. On Monday, Class 2 had Heartstart Training, learning about how to help people who have become unwell or are injured. Class 1 had some Personal Health Education, and Early Years did healthy baking, making delicious carrot cake muffins. On Tuesday, children from Slaley First School joined us for some exciting physical team challenges. We all made our own healthy lunch on Wednesday, creating a healthy pizza and side salad, and a fruit kebab for pudding. On Wednesday afternoon, Mr Williams had more physical challenges for us! We worked in teams to solve a set of problems, such as moving round the Early Years Playground without touching the floor, and making a den for one person that is off the ground! As well as developing our physical skills, these activities help us to work together in a team, and to think creatively, critically and to problem solve - VERY important life skills! On Thursday morning we went on a whole school walk, exploring our local area and simply enjoying the fresh air, nature, and each other's company. What a calm and relaxing experience it was for us all - certainly contributing to our physical and mental well-being.