New exciting After School Sports club!

14th September 2017
Our brand new Creative Playgrounds after school club is a fresh and exciting project designed to spark imagination, creativity and invention in our children. Working in teams, children will learn to work cooperatively and playfully as they explore a wide range of equipment, resources, the natural environment and the freedom of their imagination in a quest to create fun and addictive games for others to play. 
This club will be full of self-directed play as children will be encouraged to explore and experiment with their collaborative ideas. Supported, guided and nudged along by Mr Williams the children will have to consider the key principles of 'games' and will be challenged to combine exciting concepts and ideas in order to conjure up an original activity. 
Mr Williams will aim to create a learning space which promotes skills needed to self-organise and self-regulate activity. Research tells us that societal change has somewhat inhibited the learning of such skills in recent years - something we are keen to address through our sports and play provision. 
At the end of this half term it is our intention to invite other schools to Whitley Chapel to sample and take part in a selection of games created and delivered by the children who attend the Creative Playgrounds after school club. Most importantly we hope to ignite a passion for play and fire the imaginations of our children.