Information about our Nursery hours

Information about Nursery Hours

We offer a total of 33 Nursery hours per week and parents can choose sessions from this.

We run our Nursery sessions Mondays to Thursdays. There is no Nursery on a Friday. We have 4 sessions each day, as follows:

Early Nursery – From 8.15am til 9.00am. Breakfast can be provided if required. If breakfast is taken, there will be a charge of £1 per day. Children have some choice about what they would like to have. Children do not HAVE to have breakfast if they attend Early Nursery, as we know some children may have had breakfast already at home, but please do let us know either way so we can plan (and charge) accordingly.

Morning Nursery – From 9.00am til 12.00 noon. If children are not attending the afternoon session that day, they can be picked up at 12.00 noon if they are not having lunch, and at 12.30pm if they are staying for lunch. If children are staying all day, they will go out to play between 12.30pm and 1.00pm with the rest of the school.

Afternoon Nursery – From 1.00pm til 3.15pm. Children who are not attending Late Nursery that day are to be picked up at 3.15pm (which is the end of our ‘normal’ school day).

Late Nursery – From 3.15pm til 4.30pm. An afternoon snack is provided at the cost of £1 per day. Children attending Late Nursery will generally be expected to have – and therefore pay for – a snack, as they really do need it by this time of day!

It is essential that you let us know IN ADVANCE if your child will be attending the Early or Late Nursery sessions, as we need to plan around who is staying and when. You must let us know at least one day in advance. For example, if they are to stay on a Tuesday, you must let us know on the Monday morning at the latest. If your child is staying for either session on a Monday, you must let us know by the THURSDAY before. You can pay your food bills at the end of each half term (you will be billed accordingly), or you can ‘pay as you go’ on a session-by-session or weekly basis.


Here are some examples of options you might take and the number of hours that entails:

Full 'school day' from 9.00am - 3.15pm = 6.25 hours

Extended day from 8.15am - 4.30pm = 8.25 hours

Early session along with full school day from 8.15am til 3.15pm = 7 hours

Full school day along with late session from 9.00am til 4.30pm = 7.5 hours

Morning only session from 9.00am til 12.00noon = 3 hours (or 3.5 hours if staying for lunch, til 12.30pm)

Afternoon session only from 1.00pm til 3.15pm = 2.25 hours


Please be aware that whatever sessions your child takes must be within their funded weekly allocation, whether that is 15 or 30 hours, though there is also the option to pay for additional sessions beyond this, at a cost of £5 per hour. Additional hours will be billed at the end of each half term, or you can 'pay as you go', as with food bills. If you are sharing your provision with another setting, you will need to ensure the sessions you take at Whitley Chapel are no more than the amount of hours you have told us you are allocating to our setting.