Hadrian Learning Trust decides not to change the age range of the High School

24th April 2018
Hadrian Learning Trust at Queen Elizabeth High School have published the response to their Consultation about changing the age range of their school, which would have meant a change in the Hexham Partnership from 3 tier to 2 tier education and the closure of three Middle Schools. They have decided in the light of the Council proposal that was published today, not to go ahead with the change in age range. This means that Whitley Chapel will stay as a First School, age 3 - 9, instead of having to become a Primary School, age 3 - 11. The Governors of this school voted against the change as they believe that we are best suited to working with a younger age range, and that the expertise that has been developed in the rural First Schools and Middle schools suits our pupils and families best in the 3 tier model.
The full consultation report can be read below.